10 upcycle ideas for garden planters


The old adage really is true. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Nothing exemplifies this truth more than the current trend of upcycling. Upcycling involves taking an item that you were going to toss and instead transforming it into something new and notable. When people think about upcycling, most think of taking distressed furniture and revamping it. But there ... Read More »

Make takeout meals right at home in your slow cooker with these 5 recipes


If you’re craving takeout this week, why not try saving the pennies and whipping out the slow cooker instead! Although slow cookers are perfect for your classic sauces and stews, you may not realize that they can also render some fantastic restaurant-quality meals with only a few simple ingredients. Whether you’re craving tangy Thai soups, incredible Indian curries, or amazing ... Read More »

Try out these 5 fantastic meatball recipes for your slow cooker


It’s no secret that meatballs are one of the most fantastic ingredients one can make in their slow cooker. A classic Italian meatball feast is a perfect center piece on any dinner table, however a brilliant meatball dinner does not have to be as traditional as we think to be an enormous success. Whether they’re served over creamy mashed potatoes, ... Read More »

Strange Little Cat Is Captured On Camera For The First Time In 10 Years


If you’ve ever been around a cat, you know they can make themselves scarce when they want to. Equipped with innate stealth and the ability to slip into the tiniest, weirdest places, cats are natural ninjas. But there’s a cat that puts all other cats to shame with its stealthiness. In fact, this species of wild cat is so stealthy ... Read More »